The NEW SRI University

Serving Students & Clients World-wide for Over a Decade.

Everyday NeuroStrategies

We were all born with incredible capabilities, yet despite this potential, we do not “come with manuals” – until now.  Our Everyday NeuroStrategies Programs are designed for anyone not only looking to better understand themselves, but to better connect and positively influence those around them.

Professional NeuroStrategist Certification Training

Cutting-edge NeuroStrategy Training tailored for professional therapists, professional and executive coaches committed to mastering our technologies.  Our standards are high – as are your clients’ expectations.  SRIu believes that our most important client is yours!

Corporate HR & Executive Programs

Having the right person adding the right value at the right time is more important now than ever before.  Designed for human resources executive and business owners, our corporate programs will help you fine tune your organization by aligning your most important assets: your people!

Military NeuroStrategy Services

Having worked extensively with Veterans and active members of US and foreign armed services, SRIu has developed curriculum to serve those who protect our freedoms.